11 ways the int’l community has supported the Palestinian hunger strike

It has been more than 25 day since a number of Palestinian prisoners started a hunger strike.

And although Israeli police have vainly sought to discredit the campaign, releasing outdated footage that allegedly showed the campaign’s leader, Marwan Barghouthi, breaking fast in secret, it doesn’t look like neither the prisoners nor their supporters will relent anytime soon.

Slowly but surely, the support for the movement keeps gaining momentum. 

Let’s take a look.

The #saltwaterchallenge was launched on April 24 by Aarab Barghouthi, the son of Marwan Barghouthi. 

The video in which Aarab announced the campaign went viral, garnering support from sympathizers, activists and celebrities the world over. 

On April 27, five students from the University of Manchester declared a hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners.

Decades ago, university students were key in demanding the end of apartheid of South Africa. University students have paid a key role in many anti-racist struggles, including Black Lives Matter. The struggle for justice for the Palestinians is no different; they have 70 years of unremitting mistreatment, including thousands of deaths, systemic expulsions, institutional racism and apartheid. We stand in solidarity with them.” – one of the five hunger strikers told Middle East Monitor 

MEPs protests outside the Brussels Parliament’s Chamber to highlight the plight of 1,500 Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike pic.twitter.com/8oSAXsIQCb

The sit-in was organized by the Chair of Delegation for relations with Palestine Neoklis Sylikiotis, and took place at the European parliament in Brussels, Belgium. 

The participants were parliament members from Sweden, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Austria, Denmark and Portugal, Maan reported. 

Two days later, students from the Edinburgh University Communist Society showed their solidarity, starting their own hunger strike.

#Celtic fans unfurl banners showing solidarity with the #Palestinian prisoners on #HungerStrike during St. Johnstone win 4-1 today pic.twitter.com/t7k5ekW4Ev

Banners and Palestinian flags filled the bleachers during a Celtic’s game against fellow Scottish side St Johnstone FC on May 6.

“The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.” 🇵🇸
―Bob Marley #DignityStrike pic.twitter.com/OVbSgW3k7c

Lattouf’s sketches have consistently shed light on the plight of the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian cause in general. 

On May 7, more than 1,500 activists in Morocco joined a 24 hour mass hunger strike. The activists hailed from more than 50 cities from across the country according to a statement by The Moroccan Coalition for Palestine and Anti-normalization with Israel campaign.

.@jvpliveNY takes the #SaltwaterChallenge in solidarity w/ +1,500 #Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in #Israeli prisons #dignitystrike pic.twitter.com/CYMbGdGwgZ

On May 10, members of Jewish Voice for Peace, a New York based left-wing activist organization focused on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict joined the #saltwaterchallenge .

New York Artists announce solidarity with with Palestinian prisoners on Day 25 of a historic hunger strike in Israel’s jails.#DignityStrike pic.twitter.com/Kqt09nRxnu

With banners and projections. 

Thank you Ireland for your solidarity

Palestinian flag flying over Dublin city hall pic.twitter.com/NAMXUf5R6E

Yet another reason to love Ireland. 

Tomorrow, @uspcn and others are fasting in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers’ #DignityStrike. Will you join us? pic.twitter.com/ISddgjvuSo

On Friday, activists from US Palestinian Network and others gathered for a day-long hunger strike encampment in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. 

By contrast, the reaction of Zionist far right activists has been horrifying, holding a barbecue outside the prison to taunt the hunger-strikers and add to their suffering in one instance.

Meanwhile, cases of severe health deterioration among Palestinian prisoners have been reported, including several hunger strikers coughing up blood, according to Maan News Agency.