17 things all millennials will relate to this Ramadan

Ramadan values, principles and morals never change, but our habits, lifestyles and behaviors certainly do. 

Here’s what a typical Ramadan day in the life of a millennial looks like:

The confusion brought by your morning alarm: is it the “yalla get up and go to work” alert or the “yalla get up and eat suhoor” jingle?

Fasting people have a unique talent when it comes to brushing their teeth without swallowing any water or toothpaste! It’s an operation that requires extra attention and strong control of the muscle tongue!  

And then you start wondering: maybe I CAN live forever without a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato in my life… (who am I kidding, I CAN’T – but it’ll have to wait till after Ramadan!)

The moment you have to answer your non-Muslim colleagues’ questions about what is allowed and what isn’t during Ramadan… for the 100th time!

To quote the great Justin Beiber: “My Mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.”

And neither should any fasting Muslim be… #justsaying

What does that even mean? And how is it any different from any other salutation?

Why can’t Ramadan last the whole year?

Technically yes, but we both know that this is not how fasting works. 

Then wish you could one day break your fast with a handful of dates and a glass of yogurt.  

Don’t pretend the struggle isn’t real! 

Yes, it’s bad… but some of these pranked celebrities have hilarious crying faces!

And you’re like: “I just had iftar and there is no way I’m going to pay minimum charge just to drink tea and sahlab!”

And now you are 21, and the show is still going strong, and حارة الضبع is STILL fighting the French, and the actors’ teeth are still getting whiter and whiter every season! Make it stop, please!

… while taking on provocative roles in their Ramadan drama… 

But hey, it’s just acting, right?

And then wonder if you should skip fasting for the day because you don’t think the mansaf, meat, kunafa and katayef you had for iftar will sustain you for the rest of the day!