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  • Muslim leaders express solidarity with the UK after Manchester attack

    In the wake of a deadly terrorist attack on concert goers in Manchester, United Kingdom, Muslim leaders from around the world have condemned the violence and offered their condolences. The attack, which occurred just after a performance by American singer Ariana Grande, left 22 dead and 59 injured. Although the identity of the attacker and […]

  • The UAE is building the world’s largest solar power plant and it has the perfect name

    Abu Dhabi officially launched what will become the world’s largest independent solar power plant this week, and fittingly, it will be named Noor Abu Dhabi (or the Light of Abu Dhabi). Capable of producing 1,177 MW of electricity, the plant will surpass India’s plant in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, which opened last year and produces 648 MW. The […]

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  • Will Lindsay Lohan fast this Ramadan?

    Lindsay Lohan shared a Ramadan message to mark the start of the holy month, and many are responding with happiness. Posting to Instagram and Twitter, the American celebrity shared a photo of herself in a long white dress with a red floral print. She included the hashtag “Happy Ramadan”. Ever since 2015, when the Mean […]

  • Ramadan is all about generosity, here’s how

    Ramadan is the month of generosity and charity, as fasting allows us to realize how much we have and how little others have. It helps us understand the suffering and the pains of the poor and the needy and gives us a greater sense of responsibility towards others in general.  Here is a glimpse of how […]

  • 17 things all millennials will relate to this Ramadan

    Ramadan values, principles and morals never change, but our habits, lifestyles and behaviors certainly do.  Here’s what a typical Ramadan day in the life of a millennial looks like: The confusion brought by your morning alarm: is it the “yalla get up and go to work” alert or the “yalla get up and eat suhoor” […]

  • A Muslim woman helped an elderly woman and the photo went viral

    With the rise in anti-Islamic sentiment in the West and the often negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, many Muslims have gone the extra mile to remind the world that terrorists do not represent the faith in its true form.  A photo that has recently gone viral serves as one of many great examples.  The image, […]

  • Saudi football team apologizes for snubbing London attack tribute

    The Saudi Arabian men’s national football team is facing heavy criticism for its players’ conduct during a match versus Australia on Thursday night. The match, which was hosted by Australia, saw the Saudi Arabian players fail to line up for a minute of silence in honor of the London attacks victims. The Saudi Arabian federation has since apologized for the incident in an official […]